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Rayovac I-C3

Review posted 11/07/2003

Rayovac I-C3

The Rayovac I-C3 rechargeable battery system is the only one of its kind to offer a charging time of an unprecedented 15 minutes or less, producing battery power so strong that it will last up to four times longer than an alkaline battery in a digital camera.

Rayovac's patent-pending I-C3 technology (In-Cell Charge Control) puts the control of recharging into the battery, instead of the charger. This breakthrough in Nickel Metal Hydride, NiMH, technology offers significant performance and convenience advantages over existing rechargeable and disposable battery systems.

It's perfect for people with busy lifestyles. The power, convenience, and price of the 15- Minute Rechargeable System make it the premier battery product not only for digital cameras, but for devices such as PDAs, toys and CD or MP3 players as well.

Rayovac I-C3 Rayovac I-C3

The I-C3 chargers come in two models, the PS6 can charge four AA or AAA batteries in 15 minutes or less and comes with a plug-in 110-120V AC power supply. There is an optional 12V DC car cord available for the PS6. The PS5 can charge two AA or AAA batteries in 15 minutes or less and plugs directly into a wall outlet. The PS5 can be used in countries with 220V using an adapter for the outlet.

Rayovac I-C3 Features

  • The only NiMH rechargeable system that works in 15 minutes

  • I-C3 batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times

  • The I-C3 technology puts the control of recharging into the battery instead of the charger

  • Each cell is individually monitored and controls its own charging process

  • Charger has an internal fan to keep it and the batteries cool

  • I-C3 rechargeable batteries last at least four times longer than the best alkalines

Ordinary NiMH and NiCd type batteries can be charged in the I-C3 chargers but it will act like an overnight charger with these batteries.

Rayovac I-C3

Conclusion: The I-C3 batteries and charger work as advertised -- in an amazing 15 minutes the four AA cells were fully charged and ready to go. Yes, they do come out of the charger quite warm but not hot thanks to the cooling fan built into the charger. Using any other charger and batteries would require around 120 minutes so this is a very fast charger system.

The Rayovac I-C3 AA size batteries are rated at 2000mAh and perform the same as similar capacity NiMH batteries from other manufacturers.

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