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Sony DRC-IP220
MicroMV Handycam

Features & Controls (cont.)

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

On the right side is the camcorder Start/Stop button that is activated by your thumb. Above that is the Flash enable/disable button. The PHOTO button is the shutter release for taking still images in either the camcorder or memory modes. It has a "half-press" auto focus position like all digital still cameras. On the top is the somewhat small zoom lens control lever that also functions as the "Zoom-In / Zoom-Out" control during still image playback mode.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The Power / Mode switch is on the top. One push forward turns the camera on in video camcorder (Camera) mode. A second push puts it into Memory / Network mode and a third push enables the VCR mode for playback from tape or dubbing mode.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The IP220 features a tilting/swiveling 2.5-inch color TFT touchscreen so unlike most camcorders, there are a minimum of external control buttons - most functions are controlled via the LCD with virtual buttons and menus. Most of these virtual buttons are large enough to be activated with your fingertip, for small buttons and the keyboard mode you use a small stylus.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The color LCD tilts up and down and swivels all the way around to face forward if so desired. It makes it easy to shoot over your head, inbetween your legs or from the hip.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder The I/O ports on the right side are behind the hand strap and include USB 1.1 for transferring images and videos from the Memory Stick. It's also used for the streaming USB mode for video conferencing.

The blue LANC port is for synchronized dubbing with compatible Sony VCRs.

The green port is for stereo headphones.

The MICROMV port is a IEEE1394 port, also called i.Link in the Sony world. You can transfer video and audio from the tape with other MICROMV camcorders.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder On the left side is the AV port for connection of the audio-video output cable. It has a set of RCA plugs for Video Out and Audio L-R as well as a S-Video. Next to that is the DC IN jack for the AC adapter/battery charger.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The MICROMV tape is 70% smaller than a MiniDV tape and provides up to 60 minutes of high-quality digital video footage on MGR60 cassettes.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The IP220 is equipped with a Memory Stick card slot for storing still images and MPEG-1 movie clips taken in the Memory mode. An 8MB Memory Stick is supplied with the camera and any capacity up to 128MB can be used.

Approx. memory requirements: 1600x1200 still images; Super Fine = 1240KB, Fine = 620KB, Standard = 420KB. 640x480 Super Fine = 190KB, Fine = 100KB, Standard = 60KB.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

Powered by a new, brick-shaped Sony 7.2V 9.6Wh InfoLITHIUM NP-FF70 battery pack that fits inside the camera. This makes the camera very compact but it also means that larger capacity batteries cannot be used. It takes 150 minutes to charge a fully depleted battery pack. A fully charged battery will power the camera for 130 minutes of continuous use with color viewfinder (70 minutes typical.) Using the color LCD the continuous runtime is 115 minutes (60 minutes typical.) With the backlight off you can extend that to 130 minutes (70 minutes typical.) Playback time with the color LCD is 140 minutes or 175 if the LCD is closed and you output to an external monitor.

Sony DRC-IP220 MicroMV Camcorder

The supplied RMT-817 infrared Wireless Remote Commander gives you complete control of the camera in record or playback modes. This is a "palm size" remote so you can appreciate just how small and compact the DCR-IP220 really is.

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