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Sony DPP-SV77
Dye Sub Printer

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

When you first insert a Memory Stick or other flash card, it brings up a thumbnail view of the images. You can press the up, down, left or right buttons to navigate through the thumbnail images. When you find one that you want to print or further process you simply press it.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

Pressing the "Effects" button brings up this menu which leads you out to the following four option screens.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Adjustment" screen lets you alter image brightness, color depth, tint and sharpness.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Edit" screen lets you move, rotate or mirror images.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Filters" screen lets you apply a paint type of effect to your image or change it to sepia or monochrome.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Tools" screen lets you draw or add text to the image using the pen stylus.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

Pressing the "Menu" button brings up this screen. The Setup options are shown in the next frame. Screen setup lets you adjust the brightness of the color LCD. Slideshow begins automatic playback of your images, they can be viewed on the LCD or better if the printer is connected to a TV or VCR via the Video Out port.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Setup" screen lets you enable or disable date printing, fine printing, the button beeper and select border or borderless mode and the desired finish for the photos.

Sony DPP-SV77 Photo Printer

The "Creative Print" button brings up this menu screen. From here you can design a card or calendar print, print on the mini-sticker sheets or multiple photos per page or generate an index print.

Steve's Conclusion

The DPP-SV77 printer may be just the solution you're looking for if you've found it difficult to download and print your digicam images via a computer. It's as simple as: (1) insert your memory card, (2) scroll through the pictures on the color LCD screen, (3) pick one to print and press the PRINT button. It only takes about 90 seconds to produce a 4 x 6" print.

As with all dye sublimation printers, the DPP-SV77 produces photo-quality prints with 16-million colors using a thermal transfer process. The ribbon cartridge consists of three colors; cyan, magenta, yellow plus the protective over-coat. The color dyes are tranferred to the print paper by heat and are actually fused into the surface of the paper. To insure its longevity the print is run through the printer a fourth time and the clear over-coat is then laminated onto the picture. You can choose between glossy or texture finish for the clear over-coat. Print packs (paper and ribbon) are available in 4" x 6" or the smaller 4" x 3.5" size.

The DPP-SV77 is lightweight and small enough to be easily taken along to parties, meetings, presentations or wherever it's needed. The color LCD lets you make prints without a computer so all you need is the printer and your camera. As you can see from the screens above, there are a multitude of builtin editing options and printing features, most of which are accessed by pressing your finger on the LCD touch screen. The printer can also be used as a presentation device by connecting the video out port to a TV or other video device. Of course the printer can also be connected to a Windows PC or Macintosh computer via the USB port.

If you use one of Sony's digicams then you'll appreciate the dedicated Memory Stick drive slot. The DPP-SV77 can be used with virtually any other digital camera that uses flash memory cards. The PCMCIA card slot accepts Type II adapters for CompactFlash as well as SmartMedia and MultiMedia cards. When connected to a computer the printer's card slots can be used as a card reader for transfering your images to the hard drive.

Sony DPP-SV88

If all of this is still not quite enough for you then check out the Sony DPP-SV88 photo printer review, it even has a builtin CD-R/W drive to read the Sony Mavica CD200, CD300 and CD1000 discs as well as letting you archive photos from the Memory Stick (or other flash card) to standard size CD-R or CD-RW discs.

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