Casio QV-3500EX BestShot Scene Library

Scenes built-in to camera

Scene No.1

Landscape with People

Scene No.2

Landscape with People

Scene No.3


Scene No.4

Face and Chest

Scene No.5

Full Front

Scene No.6


Scene No.7

Face and Chest

Scene No.8

Two Subjects

Scene No.9


Scene No.10

Moving children

Scene No.11

Candlelit portrait

Scene No.12

Stopped Action

Scene No.13


Scene No.14

Flower Close Up

Scene No.15

Flower Field

Scene No.16


Scene No.17

Autumn Leaves

Scene No.18

Flowing Water - Soft

Scene No.19

Flowing Water - Stopped

Scene No.20


Scene No.21

Blue sky

Scene No.22


Scene No.23

Night Scene with People

Scene No.24

Night Scene with People

Scene No.25

Night Scene

Scene No.26


Scene No.27


Scene No.28


Optional scenes supplied on CD

Scene No.29

Close-up portraits

Scene No.30

Backlit portraits

Scene No.31

Portraits in the shade

Scene No.32

Flowers and portraits

Scene No.33

Indoor sports

Scene No.34

Sports events

Scene No.35

Stage performances

Scene No.36

Party scenes

Scene No.37


Scene No.38

Over-exposed portraits

Scene No.39

Movement and blurred objects

Scene No.40

Baby's hands

Scene No.41

Indoor pets

Scene No.42

Pets in monochrome

Scene No.43

Fish in aquarium

Scene No.44

Insects and small animals

Scene No.45

Precious metals

Scene No.46


Scene No.47

Street scenes

Scene No.48

Cherry blossom

Scene No.49

Bright Beach

Scene No.50

Rough winter sea

Scene No.51

Snowscape on a sunny day

Scene No.52

Portrait with fireworks

Scene No.53

Long-exposure fireworks

Scene No.54

Night festivals

Scene No.55

Night-time street scenes

Scene No.56


Scene No.57

Dancing Lights

Scene No.58

Moving subject with blurred background

Scene No.59

TV screen or PC monitor

Scene No.60

Special Effects 1

Scene No.61

Special Effects 2 Night Mood

Scene No.62

Special Effects 3

Scene No.63

Special Effects 4

Scene No.64

Special Effects 5

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