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Sony DCR-PC110

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Sony DCR-PC110

Carl Zeiss 10x optical zoom: variable 0.3-32.3/sec. power zoom with 120x Digital Zoom. This is a very fast F1.8-2.2 lens covering from 4.2-42mm (48-480mm in 35mm equivalent). The lens can be manually focused using the knurled ring on the end.

Filters and add-on lense can be easily attached via the 37mm threads on the lens. The PC110 can "see" down to 7K Lux in normal mode or 0 Lux when using the NightsShot or Super NightShot modes, the builtin illuminator is good for up to 10 feet in toal darkness.

The DCR-PC110 uses digital image stabilization rather than the superior optical stabilization. Even so, it takes nearly broadcast quality video and high-quality still images.

Sony DCR-PC110

The eyelevel viewfinder has a large and soft rubber eyecup and diopter adjustment. This is a small (0.44-inch) but high-resolution color LCD that can display the same video data as the larger color SwivelScreen. It can be used for framing or review as well as menu selection. It is disabled when the large color LCD is opened.

Sony HVL-F1000

The built in flash has modes for automatic, redeye reduction, forced on (fill) and disabled. Via the menu you can adjust the output of the flash (low, normal, high). If you need more flash power you can attach the optional Sony HVL-F10 video flash on the accessory shoe.

The shutter button for the Photo mode is not exactly placed in an optimum position, it requires some fancy finger work to operate it. Like a still camera, you pull the shutter halfway down to lock the autofocus and set the exposure and then pull it all the way down to capture the shot. The PC110 can capture 640x480 pixel VGA images or 1152 x 864 megapixel size for printing. Still images and MPEG movies are stored directly to the Memory Stick.

Sony DCR-PC110

Located behind the large color LCD is the control panel. The upper portion is used in conjunction with the still image and MPEG movie capture features. The lower portion controls the record and playback features of the video camcorder.

Many of these features can be controlled with the remote control as well.

Sony DCR-PC110

The combination Mode and Power control switch is easily accessed with your thumb. The button in the center with the red dot is the start/stop button for video recording. Moving the "LOCK" lever allows you to access the MEMORY mode for still image or MPEG movie capture.

The VCR mode lets you playback video recording on the DV tape. The CAMERA mode enables normal video recording.

The button marked with the lightning bolt icon controls the mode of the pop-up flash unit. The MENU button enables the onscreen menu system.

Sony DCR-PC110

Here we see the PC110 with the 2.5-inch color SwivelScreen opened.

Sony DCR-PC110

Here's another closeup view of the controls on the back of the camera.

Sony DCR-PC110

Located on the right side are the self-timer button, the Super NightShot button, the NightShot switch, the infinity focus switch, the Photo mode shutter release and the zoom lens control. On the back edge is the jog dial navigator used to access and select the menu options.

Behind the gray flap you'll find the jacks for the external microphone and headphones.

Sony DCR-PC110

Behind a flip-open door on the front are the I/O ports for DV In/Out, USB and the LANC port for dubbing.

This is also where you find the connector for the battery charger and AC power supply. There is a yellow LED that illuminates while the battery is being charged.

Sony DCR-PC110

Located behind the hand grip and just above the MemoryStick is the input/output port for the analog S-Video signals.

Sony DCR-PC110

On the side is the slot for a Sony Memory Stick, a 4MB module is supplied. Memory Sticks are now available in 8, 16, 32 and 64MB capacity -- the new 128MB size are just now showing up.

Sony DCR-PC110

For regular movie recording the PC110 uses standard Mini DV cassette tapes. In SP mode the maximum recording time is 80 minutes, in LP mode it is 120 minutes.

Sony DCR-PC110

The battery is a Sony "M" series NP-FM50 InfoLITHIUM rechargeable 7.2v "battery with a brain" -- it tells you on the LCD (and viewfinder) exactly how many minutes of runtime is left. The battery is mounted on the side which allows the use any of the "M" series battery packs, see chart below for the approximate runtimes.

The DCR-PC110 comes with a combination battery charger and AC power adapter that plugs into the DC input jack on the back of the camera.

Continuous recording duration (hours:mins)

  Sony InfoLITHIUM Battery pack
LCD Monitor OFF
Viewfinder ON
About 8:25 About 4:45 About 2:15
LCD Monitor ON
Viewfinder OFF
About 7:10 About 4:05 About 1:55

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