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N80 35mm SLR

Review posted 4/16/01

Introduction & Physical Views

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The Nikon N80 or N80 QD (date back model) is the first step-up in the 35mm format from the entry level N65. It is also the newest Auto Focus (A/F) camera in Nikon's line up of SLR's (single lens reflex cameras). It shares the same lens mount as all of Nikon's 35mm SLRs. It steps up the N65's 3D Matrix six segment metering function to a 10 segment which is comparable to the F100'S Matrix metering. It also has center-weighted average metering, and the N80 adds Spot Metering. This camera jumps out of the pack with its user selectable Five-area sensor A/F system.

Another huge step forward in this model is the eighteen Custom Settings built into the camera-NOT an add on! The highlight of these settings is the "On Demand Grid Line." This means it has a built in switchable projected grid onto the viewing screen. Also included is the integral 2.5 frame per second motor drive, exposure modes of Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and full-metered Manual. It has focus control settable to Manual Focus, Single Auto Focus or Continuous Auto Focus. Other notable additions are: depth of field preview, standard screw in type cable release, and multiple exposure capability.

Nikon N80 SLR

Physical Views

Nikon N80 SLR

Nikon N80 SLR

Nikon N80 SLR Nikon N80 SLR

Nikon N80 SLR

Nikon N80 SLR

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Download a 2-page Nikon N80 brochure

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Nikon N80 Specifications

Type of camera: Integral-motor autofocus 35mm single-lens reflex with electronically controlled focal-plane shutter
Exposure modes: Programmed Auto (Flexible Program possible); Shutter-Priority Auto; Aperture-Priority Auto; Manual
Picture format: 24mm x 36mm (standard 35mm film format)
Lens mount: F Bayonet lens mount accepts every AF Nikkor and most manual AI or AI-S Nikkor lenses. *Some limitations; see chart on p. 12 of N80 brochure
Compatible lenses: Nikkor and Nikon lenses with Nikon F mount (Some limitations; see chart on p. 12 of brochure)
Diopter adjustment: -1.8 to +0.8 DP
Viewfinder eyepoint: 15.5 to 20mm
Focusing screen: Nikon Advanced Focusing Screen with Vari-Brite focus area and On-Demand Grid Lines
Finder magnification: Approx. 92% Approx. 0.75x with 50mm lens set to infinity and -1.0 DP
Viewfinder information: Focus indications, metering system, AE lock, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, electronic analogue display/exposure compensation display, frame counter/exposure compensation, ready-light, multiple exposure, focus area, flash exposure compensation, focus area brackets, 12mm circle for Center-Weighted metering, On-Demand Grid Lines
Reflex mirror: Automatic, instant-return type
Lens aperture: Instant-return type, with depth-of-field preview button
Autofocus: TTL phase detection, Nikon Multi-CAM900 autofocus module Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100, at normal temperature)
Auto Exposure Bracketing: Two or three frames, in 1/2 steps
Lens Servo: Single Servo AF (S), Continuous Servo AF (C), Manual focus (M) - Focus Tracking automatically status activated
Focus area: One of five focus areas can be selected
AF Area mode: Single Area AF and Dynamic AF (Dynamic AF Mode with Closest Subject Priority also available)
Focus lock: Focus is locked by pressing AF-L/AE-L button or lightly pressing shutter release button in Single Servo AF
Metering system: 10 segment 3D Matrix Metering, 75/25 Center-Weighted Metering & Spot Metering
Metering range: 3D Matrix Metering EV 0-21; Center-Weighted Metering EV 0-21; Spot Metering EV 3-21 (at norm temp., ISO 100, 50mm f/1.4)
Exposure meter coupling: CPU and AI combined
Exposure compensation: Exposure compensated in 3 EV range, in 1/2 steps
Auto exposure lock: Detected exposure value locked by pressing AF-L/AE-L button
Auto exposure: Two or three frames, 1/2 steps
Film speed setting: DX or manual selectable; Film speed range - DX ISO 25-5000, Manual ISO 6-6400 in 1/3 steps
Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speeds: 30 seconds to 1/4000 of second. plus Bulb
Additional controls: 18 user programmable Custom Settings
Sync contact: X-contact only; flash synchronization up to 1/125 sec.
Built-in TTL Speedlight: Guide number 39 (ISO 100, ft) flash coverage 28mm or longer lens; Red-Eye Reduction, TTL flash control including 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash, Slow Sync and Rear-Curtain Sync are possible
Flash control: 5-segment TTL Multi Sensor w/ 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash with built-in Speedlight, SB-28DX, 28, 27, 26, 25 (see N80 brochure and/or N80 instruction manual for complete compatibility specifications)
Monitor Pre-flash: Built-in TTL Speedlight or Nikon Speedlight SB-28DX/28/SB-27 fires Monitor Pre-flash(es) when AF Nikkor or AI-P Nikkor lens is used
Flash sync mode: Front-Curtain Sync (normal sync), Red-Eye Reduction, Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync, Slow Sync, Rear-Curtain Sync
Ready-light: Lights up when flash fully charged with built-in Speedlight and SB-28DX, 28, etc.; blinks (3 sec. after flash) for full output warning
Accessory shoe: Standard ISO-type hot-shoe
Self-timer : Electronically controlled; timer duration 2 to 20 seconds with Custom Setting.
Depth-of-field preview button: Stops down lens aperture when pressed
Film loading: Film automatically advances to first frame when shutter release button is pressed once (shutter and mirror not activated)
Film advance: Automatic advance with built-in motor; S (Single) or C (Continuous) modes available
Film advance speed: S - One frame advance, C - Continuous shooting; Approx. 2.5 fps (AA-type alkaline batteries)
Film rewind: Auto rewind with built-in motor. Rewind speed with 36-exp. film
Multiple exposure: Activated using film advance mode dial
LCD panel information (with built-in illuminator): DX indication, shutter speed/exposure compensation value, aperture, exposure compensation, Auto Exposure/Flash Exposure Bracketing, Bracketing bar graphs, Custom, Flexible Program, flash sync mode, AF area mode, focus area, battery power, frame counter
Power source: Two CR123A batteries
Exposure meter: Auto meter shut-off approx. 6 sec.
Usable number of film rolls (approximate): (With 36-exposure film, for Continuous Servo autofocus operation using an AF Zoom-Nikkor 28-80mmf/4-5.6D lens, in single-frame shooting, covering the full range from infinity to the closest distance and back to infinity before each shot, without intervals between shots, with a shutter speed of 1/125th sec. or faster.) Without Flash At 20C (68F) - Approx. 60; Without Flash At -10C (14F) - Approx. 40; With Flash (for 1/2 of all exposures) At 20C (68F) - Approx. 17; With Flash (for 1/2 of all exposures) At -10C (14F) - Approx. 15
Two-Button Reset: Pressing the BKT and Exp. Compensation buttons simultaneously and holding them for more than 2 sec. resets most settings to their original default settings
Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 141.5 x 98.5 x 71 mm ( 5.6 x 3.9 x 2.8 in.)
Weight (without batteries): Approx. 515g ( 18.2 oz)

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