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Review posted 4/14/01

Kodak MC3

The new Kodak mc3 is the first portable unit that combines digital video with virtually unlimited recording, an MP3 player and a digital still camera together for less than $300. Unveiled for the first time at DEMO 2001, a high technology conference in Phoenix, the Kodak mc3's unique combination of today's most popular mobile features will appeal to active, Internet-savvy individuals who want to connect with their friends through video, music and pictures. And, it works with both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computer platforms.

Kodak designed the mc3 specially to produce files that can be transmitted simply and quickly via email. Thanks to its full-color reflective 1.6-inch LCD screen, users can preview and review their video and pictures easily and accurately, even in bright sunlight. With Arcsoft Video Impressions software for video editing and albuming, users can combine their video, pictures and music to create unique multimedia movies or music videos. The mc3 can record more than 20 minutes of non-stop video in Quick Time format on a 64 MB CompactFlash card (or 20 seconds of video for each MB of removable memory recording at 10 fps. At a higher frame rate (20 fps), it can record 4 seconds of video for each MB of memory.)

Kodak MC3

The Kodak mc3 is a fully functional MP3 player. With the included Real Jukebox software, users can convert music from CDs to MP3 format and play up to 1.5 hours of music with a 64MB memory card. A USB cable, also included, provides for fast uploading of music and downloading of video and still picture files.

The Kodak mc3 is the company's first product to incorporate it's own CMOS image sensor technology. The KAC-0310 CMOS sensor applies Kodak's vast array of imaging expertise, enabling the mc3 to capture outstanding images under all lighting conditions with excellent color quality. In addition, Kodak's CMOS sensor offers very low power consumption that greatly extends usable battery life. The sensor captures full-color still pictures in VGA resolution, producing modest file sizes, maximizing image storage and minimizing upload and transmission time of pictures via the Internet. An mc3 equipped with a 64 MB memory card can hold over 600 still images. The mc3 ships with Arcsoft Photo Impressions software for photo editing and albuming.

Kodak MC3

A built-in microphone and speaker simplify capturing and playing back video. The unit also has an Audio/Video-out port for playing music on a home or car stereo or through headphones, or to play back video with audio on a TV or VCR. There's even a slide show function for sharing still pictures on a television.

Weighing only 5.5 oz (without batteries) and measuring a scant 2.6 x 4.1-inches, the mc3 fits easily into a small pocket or backpack. The mc3 was designed for single hand operation and is powered by three AAA batteries (included), and the unit is fully upgradeable for future Internet music formats. A dock with USB connection is also available for a suggested retail price of $24.95. The dock automatically detects the mc3, launches the software, and downloads all of the files in seconds.

The Kodak mc3 comes in a number of configurations, based on the size of its replaceable memory. With 16 MB memory, the unit's suggested retail price is $229; with 64 MB memory, $299. Optional accessories are available including memory cards, a carrying holster, video/audio cable and rechargeable batteries with charger.

Kodak MC3

Located on the top of the camera is the shutter release, the volume control buttons and the jack for the stereo ear buds or other types of headphones.

Kodak MC3

On the bottom you'll find the Video Out port for connecting the mc3 to a television set to replay still pictures and video clips. There's also the battery access door and a tripod socket.

Kodak MC3

Still images, videos and MP3 songs are stored on CompactFlash Type I cards. The mc3 comes in two different packages, one with a 16MB card and the other includes a 64MB card. Any size Type I CF card can be used.

Kodak MC3

The controls are minimal and simple. The blue lever on the right switches between the operational modes (still record, movie record, replay and music player). The MENU button calls up the onscreen menu system, the SELECT button makes menu choices and the 4-way switch is used to navigate the menus and control the replay and music functions.

Kodak MC3

On the side you'll find the POWER switch and you can see the speaker on the back of the camera for audio playback.

Kodak MC3

The mc3 is powered by three AAA-type batteries, NiMH rechargeable type is highly recommended for the best performance.

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Kodak MC3 Specifications

Video/Audio Capture Mode:
File format/Sound: MOV video w/mono sound
Speaker: Yes, located on back of mc3
Video capacity/Quality: 4 seconds per MB at 320x240, 20 FPS (Best quality) 20 seconds per MB at 320x240, 10 FPS (E-mail quality)
Video compression: H.263
320x240 at 20 FPS, 1.6 Mb/s (fast action) = 4 minutes on 64 MB card 320x240 at 10 FPS, 320 Kb/s (Internet e-mail mode) = 20 minutes on 64 MB card
Internet Music Mode:
File format: Stereo, MP3 compatible, upgradeable via firmware
Play list: Exit/back, tracks, play, delete, delete all
Repeat: Off, entire play list
Shuffle play: On/off
Analog volume control: +18 dB to –75 dB
Distortion rate: 0.1% maximum
Equalizer: Pop, rock, jazz, classical, voice
Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Function controls on back: Play, Pause, Skip FWD, Skip REV, Fast FWD, Fast REV
Function controls on top: Volume +/-
Headphone jack: Standard mini-plug jack
Headphones: Ear "bud" style with mini-jack
Preview display functions: Song title, artist, album
VGA Still Capture Mode:
File format: JPEG, EXIF 2.1
Date stamp option: Yes
Resolution: 640x480, 24-bit color
Self timer: 10-second, capture confirmed with beep
Video out: NTSC or PAL selectable, slide show option
Weight: 156 grams (5.5 ounces) w/o batteries
198 grams (7.0 ounces) w/ batteries
Dimensions: Height:105 mm (4.1")
Width: 65 mm (2.6")
Thickness: 22.5–37.0 mm (0.9–1.5")
Camera Features:
Auto exposure: Yes
Auto white balance: Yes
Computer interface: USB 4-pin USB cable
Focus range: 0.7 meter to infinity
ISO: Estimated at 120
Preview - color: 1.6-inch reflective LCD, refresh rate = 20 FPS
Lens: 37mm (35mm equivalent)
F 2.8, 5 glass
Memory type: CF 1
Microphone: Built-in
Power source: 3 AAA Alkaline batteries, NiCad or NiMH
(Does not recharge in camera)
Sensor: 640x480, 7.8 um square pixel, active CMOS

Windows system requirements:
  • *WINDOWS 98/98SE, WINDOWS 2000, ME
  • Personal computer with PENTIUM 266 MHz or microprocessor with CD-ROM drive
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 70 MB hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB port
  • Color monitor with 256 colors
*Minimum system requirements to run the Operating System
Macintosh system requirements:
  • *Power-PC-based MACINTOSH computer with CD-ROM drive
  • MAC OS 8.6–9.0.4
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 70 MB hard disk space
  • Available USB port
  • Color monitor with 256 colors
*Minimum system requirements to run the Operating System

  • KODAK mc3
  • Headphones
  • CD-ROM containing Software for
    • KODAK mc3 Connection
    • User’s guide
    • Recording and playing MP3 music
    • Video editing
    • Photo editing
    • Online help
  • COMPACTFLASH removable memory
  • USB cable
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Documentation kit

  • KODAK mc3 USB Dock
  • mc3 Carrying Case
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • KODAK Picture Cards
    • 16 MB
    • 32 MB
    • 64 MB
    • 96 MB
  • KODAK AAA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries 2-Pack
  • KODAK Rapid Charger with AAA Batteries

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