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S800 Color Bubble Jet
Photo Printer

S800 (Windows) Printer Driver

Canon Think Tank

The S800's printer driver lets you quickly set the optimum settings for your print job by selecting from one of these icons for: Standard, SuperPhoto, DTP, Camera or Draft. The driver "knows" what cartridge is in the printer and will automatically select the best media type but can be overridden by selecting a different type of media from the drop-down list.

Those that like to "fine tune" things to their own liking can do so by clicking on the Advanced button. Click here for the Advanced driver screens.

Canon S800 Color Bubble Jet Photo Printer

The Page Layout options let you select the paper size, orientation (portrait, landscape), printing type (normal-size, scaled, poster, banner), enable background printing (default), number of copies, printing order and collate options.

Canon S800 Color Bubble Jet Photo Printer

The Stamp/Background page lets you select an overlay stamp to print on your pages. Choose from Draft, Important, Confidential, Secret or define your own. You may also select a background image.

Canon S800 Color Bubble Jet Photo Printer

The Maintenance page lets you clean the print heads with options for a regular cleaning cycle or a "deep" cleaning cycle for really clogged heads. There is also an option for cleaning the feed rollers as well as aligning the heads.

Canon S800 Color Bubble Jet Photo Printer

The Advanced page lets you fine tune the selected print settings, most users will probably only use the Quality slider to increase (Fine) or decrease (Fast) the output resolution. You can also enable or disable the Image Optimizer or Photo Optimizer PRO enhancements.

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