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Using Your ePhoto1280
with Auxillary Lenses

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One of the nicest things about a camera with a threaded lens
is that you can put all sorts of different types of lenses
and filters on it. With a camera like the ePhoto1280 it's even
easier because you can SEE what they will look like by simply
putting the lens on and turning the camera on and looking at
the results displayed immediately on the LCD screen.

One thing to remember though, those threads are plastic and can
be easily stripped or cross-threaded. I recommend buying a good
metal stepup ring and leaving it on the camera at all times - now
you can screw/unscrew your filters and lenses without fear.

The most common size of filters and add-on lenses is usually 52mm
or 55mm. The ePhoto1280 has 46mm threads and it's always a good
idea to use LARGER diameter filters to avoid vignetting when the
zoom lens is in the (default) wideangle position.

The vignette effect!

This is what extreme edge vignetting looks like

If you're using a single, thin filter like a UV, Skylight or one of
the specialized Hot Mirror type infrared filters you can get by using
the 46mm size without vignetting. Just remember that the LCD view
is not 100% of the real image, it's only about 95% so you might not
see the full effect of edge vignetting on the screen.

The Hot Mirror filter can really help you out if you find that your
outdoor pictures are heavily blue casted. This filter is specially
made to drastically cut down the infrared spectrum of light that is
responsible for the excessive blue. CCD imagers used in most digital
cameras are particularly sensitive to this spectrum of light. One
good online source for Hot Mirror filters is B&H Photo

ePhoto1280 infrared

This is an image sent to me by Robert Anderson that shows just
how much infrared the ePhoto1280 actually sees. He used a filter
that removes visible light and passes only the infrared spectrum.

Telephoto Adapters

ePhoto1280 w/teleconverter

This is a Zykkor 2X teleconverter made for video camcorders
it has a 52mm threaded mount so I added a 46mm to 52mm stepup
ring, cost me about $60 total and works great!

I've gotten a lot of requests on where to get this Zykkor lens
and it seems as if it's impossible to find nowadays.

Click to download the fullsize image Click to download the fullsize image

Click on thumbnails to download the BIG pictures

Not all converters are equal!

2X and 3X telephoto lenses

Not all telephoto adapters work! The short, fat ones like the Zykkor
on the right are fine but the tall, skinny ones like the Sigma VT3
on the left yield a totally vignetted & useless image. Be careful
what type you buy - try it out in the store before taking it home!

3X lens vignetting

No, I wasn't shooting the moon! That's all you see even when in
full telephoto position while using the Sigma VT3 teleconverter!

This is a prime example of an unusable telephoto converter lens.

Wideangle Adapters

click to download fullsize image click to download fullsize image

Click on thumbnails to download the BIG pictures

The right image is from a Rokor 0.42X ultrawide converter and shows a lot
of fish-eye effect and severe edge vignetting and distortion. The image
on the left is from a Kalt 0.65X wideangle conversion lens and performs
the best on the ePhoto1280. There is some vignetting but the overall image
shows little distortion and it allows you to shoot even closer than normal.

Here's a couple more "before and after" comparison pictures
using the Kalt 0.65X wideangle conversion lens.

click to download fullsize image click to download fullsize image

Ambico Video Lenses

click to download fullsize image click to download fullsize image

Ambico makes a lot of great add-on lenses for video cameras
that work wonderfully on the ePhoto1280.  On the left is an
example of the V-0312 1.5X telephoto adapter.  On the right is
an example of the V-3200 0.5X wideangle adapter.  These are
full-frame so you can see any edge vignetting that occurs.

For more info contact: Ambico/Video, 50 Maple Street
Norwood NJ 07648.  No web site as far as I can tell.

Click to buy lenses!

also has a Raynox AF1010 lens set with a 1.5x
telephoto and a 0.65x wideangle lens that fits on the e1280
camera. You'll find it under the listing for camcorders.

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